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Our Mission

To provide affordable, equitable and all round education with scientific, technical and attitude so as to create useful citizens.

Our Vision

To produce a society of diligent, skilled, socially responsible and useful citizens who strive for excellence.

our Values

> God fearing,
> Responsibility,
> Honesty,
> Trustworthiness,
> Fairness
> Humility.

From the Headteacher

Welcome to Kyambogo College School virtual home. I am glad that this website is up and functioning.

The 66 years of the school’s existence put us in the category of “traditional schools” in Uganda. Traditional schools were founded in the early years after the introduction of education by the missionaries and over the years have continued to offer holistic education. They continue to be spaces where continuous nurturing of the young generation takes place.

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Allan Otim

Nowegian Interns to Kyambogo College School

Kyambogo College School is a renowned educational institution located in Kampala, Uganda, that caters to the academic and extracurricular needs of students from various backgrounds.