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Education Review Commission Visit

Kyambogo College School had the privilege of hosting a distinguished team from the Education Review Commission to gather insights on the state of education in Uganda. The team, led by the Head teacher, Mr. Mugume Stanley, and accompanied by a renowned education consultant from Finland, embarked on a comprehensive visit that included engaging with both the school staff and students.

The team’s visit to the classrooms provided an opportunity for students to express their views on the education system and share their perspectives on what can be done to improve it. The students eagerly participated, highlighting their experiences and suggesting practical solutions to enhance the quality of education.

Education Review Commission team in a class interraction

The team received a warm welcome from Mr. Mugume Stanley, who emphasized the importance of creating a conducive learning environment that nurtures the holistic development of students. The presence of the education consultant from Finland added a global perspective to the discussions, allowing for an exchange of ideas on best practices in education.

The students enthusiastically shared their opinions on various aspects of education, including teaching methods, curriculum relevance, extracurricular activities, and access to educational resources. They emphasized the need for more practical learning opportunities, enhanced teacher-student engagement, and modernized infrastructure.

The team’s engagement with the students was highly valuable, as their perspectives offered a unique insight into the real experiences and challenges faced by learners in Uganda. The team noted these valuable suggestions and vowed to consider them when formulating recommendations for improving the education system.

Kyambogo College School felt honored to host the Education Review Commission and recognized the significance of involving students in the conversation about education reforms. The visit showcased the school’s commitment to student-centered education and its determination to create an environment that nurtures critical thinking, innovation, and personal growth.

Overall, the visit served as a platform for productive discussions and collaborative efforts to enhance the quality of education in Uganda, ultimately benefiting the students and the wider education community.