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The anticipation is building for the grand final of the KCS League Season One, scheduled for this weekend on Sunday, August 13, 2023. The event will take place at the Western End Field of Kyambogo University, formerly known as the Kyambogo Cricket Oval. This highly anticipated occasion is the culmination of the efforts of the Old Students of Kyambogo College School (KCS) within the youth age bracket and residents of Nakawa and Kira Municipalities. Their shared vision is to utilize the power of sports to provide a positive outlet for young individuals, keeping them engaged and away from negative influences.

The inception of the Kyambogo College School Football League (KCS League) is a testament to the dedication of these Old Students, united by their desire to give back to the school and the community. The league’s primary objectives extend beyond the realm of competitive football, focusing on holistic development and community impact.

The tournament kicked off on June 4, 2023, and spanned over eight game weeks. The unique schedule featured games played in a fortnight manner, allowing a two-week timeframe for each game week. This format provided ample time for players and teams to prepare, maintain a healthy balance between their football commitments and other responsibilities.

One of the remarkable aspects of the KCS League Season One is its inclusive nature. The tournament attracted not only students who have studied at Kyambogo College School but also youth from the surrounding areas. A total of 16 teams participated, representing different graduating classes and age brackets. With over 650 youths involved as players, supporters, or spectators, the tournament’s impact extends far beyond the football pitch.

Current table standing

The participating teams include Super Strikers (2006-2011), Tsunami FC (2012-2017), Fliik FC (2013-2018), Blue Sticks (2002-2007), Ki-Council FC (2010-2015), KCS Vikings (2014-2019), The Buffaloes (2005-2010), Valley FC (2003-2006), Baspana FC (2014), KCS 606 (2006), Ndiefie FC (2008-2013), Vuyos FC (2000-03), Bataka FC (2011-2016), Safco FC (2004), The DUC’s (1998-2001), and KCS Giants (2007-2012). Each team carries with it the camaraderie and shared experiences of their respective years at Kyambogo College School, adding a nostalgic and passionate element to the competition.

The KCS League’s specific goals encompass a wide spectrum of objectives. Beyond the excitement of the matches, the league aims to create opportunities for social interaction and friendship among the Old Boys (OBs) and Old Girls (OGs) of Kyambogo College School, as well as the youth from the surrounding areas. This sense of community extends beyond the football field, fostering connections that contribute to personal growth and unity.

Another significant aspect of the league’s mission is its commitment to supporting Kyambogo College School itself. Through the league’s efforts, projects will be initiated to facilitate repairs and maintenance in and around the school. This includes improvements to school pathways, buildings, and other infrastructural elements that contribute to the learning environment.

Grand finnal fixtures

As the grand final of the KCS League Season One approaches, the excitement is palpable. Beyond the exhilarating matches and fierce competition, this event embodies the power of unity, sportsmanship, and community engagement. The efforts of the Old Students, the dedication of the players, and the support of the spectators all converge to create an event that celebrates both football and the values that Kyambogo College School stands for. The Western End Field at Kyambogo University will witness not only the culmination of a tournament but the embodiment of a shared vision of positive impact and camaraderie.