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Clubs and Societies

At Kyambogo College School we have varieties of clubs and societies that give our students opportunity to engage in and learn different skills for their future careers.

Entrepreneurship Club:

The Entrepreneurship Club is open to all Kyambogo students who enjoy Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in the people, places, and make-up of the world, this is the club for you. During the school year, the club offers study trips to various regions of the country to students taking the subject.


ICT Club:

The Kyambogo Computer Club members are interested in learning more about computer science as it relates to hardware, software and networking. The main purpose of the group is to spread the use of computer resources to those who would otherwise be unable to be exposed to the World Wide Web and other software applications due to a lack of knowledge or financial resources.

Patron:        Mr. Opio James Ayo

Math Club:

The Math Club is open to all interested students. Club membership provides students with an opportunity to interact collaboratively and competitively with other students interested in solving mathematical problems as well as participating in National Math contests. This enables interested students to engage in competition with students from several regional high schools. If you want to test your mathematical prowess and have fun at the same time, join the Math Club!

Patron:         Mr. Kizza David

Art Club:

Members of the Art Club are taught to appreciate the visual and performing arts. They continually engage in activities that sharpen their skills. They are encouraged to be expressive and innovative thinkers while their activities reinforce the importance of teamwork and other values that apply to their general lives.

Patron:           Mr. Lutaaya Arsen

Science Club:

The undertaking of the Science club is to encourage and recognize the search for scientific knowledge at the School and among members of the surrounding scientific and civil communities. Members participate in one or more community service projects designed to promote this mission.

Patron:           Mr. Mpeirwe Naboth

Debating & Writers Club:

The Writer’s Club is a support group for students who are writing poetry, fiction, essays and plays. The club meets regularly to share ideas and to read aloud from works-in-progress.

Patron:           Mr. Alele Benson

MDD Club:

Performance of a high quality standard is the trademark of this beautiful Club. The club has got a constant demand to perform at various MDD Competitions, School functions and other invited ceremonies

Patron:           Mr. Kamanje Edirisa

Patriotism Club:

This club is affiliated with the Association of Scouts and they take their motto “Be Prepared” seriously. Collections of activities in school like putting up the flags and offering additional activities during school functions.


Scripture Union Club:

You have never experienced this much fun and fellowship in Christ. Activities include participation during Chaplaincy activities like the Sunday family service, participating in the Choir, Bible study sessions and discussions.

Patron:           Pastor Busulwa George

Wildlife Club:

Students are sensitized to the value of Wildlife to the country and the role each element of the wildlife can play in ensuring that the country remains the premier tourist destination.

Patron:            Mr Okwi John Paul

Interact Club

The club is known for its weekly fellowships and this is one of the many club activities that aim at making the world a better place. We serve above self as we promote goodwill and peace throughout the world.

Patron:           Mr. Kukunda Elija

Code girls Club:

The Code Girls Club is an all female club. This club encourages the girl child to be part of the ICT world which dominated by men. The main purpose of the group is to spread the use of computer resources to fellow girls and women of the surrounding community who would otherwise be unable to be exposed to the World Wide Web and other software applications due to a lack of knowledge or financial resources. They develop softwares, computer games using code

Patron:        Mr. Otim Allan Seamus

TNS/ Technical Club:

These are one of the most active and technical clubs in the school as they deal with all ICT technical part from hardware repair to setup. This club is also responsible for the public address system. The setup and manage PA activities on assembly days, entertainment days, and other school functions.

Patron:        Mr. Otim Allan Seamus

School Against Crime Club:

This club is a much disciplined and well behaved student of the school. Who encourage the rest about the importance of studying, why they are is school. The reason is to be good and meaningful citizens.

Patron:           Mr. Odongo Paul

Other Clubs include

1. Tooke Club – Okwi John Paul

2. Red Cross Club