The School has a governing body of Board of governors bound by a regulation of the Education Act.  The members are appointed from different sections including the Foundation body, the Old students, the parents, the teachers and the local councils III and V.  The appointed members are approved and mandated by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Sports to oversee all the affairs of the school.

The Old students’ Association has rejuvenated its operations.

The school administration and staff successfully encouraged the formation of two vibrant old boy’s association namely Kyambogo Old Boy’s Association (KOBA), and Makerere University Kyambogo Old Boy’s Association (MUKOBA).  Members of the executives of these two associations do regularly visit the school and give talks and useful advice to continuing students at the school.

School Organs

The current school organs include the following:

  1. School Board of Governors (BOG)
  2. School Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA)
  3. School Staff Meeting
  4. Twenty subject Departments/ Sections
  5. School Staff Committees and their corresponding Student Committees
  6. School Prefectorial Body
  7. School Club/Societies
  8. Student Council